What is Shakespeare trying to say in The Tempest?

What is Shakespeare trying to say in The Tempest?

The Tempest tells a fairly straightforward story involving an unjust act, the usurpation of Prospero’s throne by his brother, and Prospero’s quest to re-establish justice by restoring himself to power.

What theme of the tempest is reflected from the answer given by Prospero?

In The Tempest Shakespeare shows that it is love and forgiveness that can bring final peace in the world. The theme of reconciliation is the main theme in The Tempest. Prospero was wronged by his brother but he does not take revenge when he gets his enemy in his power. He rather forgives him and embraces him.

Is Caliban good or evil?

At first, Caliban appears to be a bad person as well as a poor judge of character. Prospero has conquered him, so out of revenge, Caliban plots to murder Prospero. He accepts Stefano as a god and entrusts his two drunken and scheming collaborators with his murderous plot.

How does Caliban lure Stephano to kill Prospero?

Prospero always sleeps in the afternoon – he has a nap, effectively! Caliban wants Stephano to first seize his books, and then “brain” him (batter him on the head) with a log – or, perhaps, stab him in the stomach (“paunch him”) with a stake – or, perhaps, cut his windpipe (“wezand”) with a knife.

Who actually calls Caliban a liar in Act III of The Tempest?


What has Caliban done annoy Prospero?

⚫Caliban was not listening to Prospero and also speaking bad about him , cursing him and misbehaving. ⚫This made Prospero annoyed.

Why is the boatswain rude to his passengers?

Why is the boatswain so rude to his passengers? The boatswain just wants them to stay where they belong and to let him work. How did Prospero and Miranda come to live on the island? Prospero’s brother Antonio and Alonso, King of Naples, conspired and overthrew Prospero.

Why is Caliban unable to walk in the beginning of this scene?

Why is Caliban unable to walk in the beginning of this scene? Caliban is too drunk to walk. Caliban suggests that Stephano be the king of the island and Caliban will be his servant.

What does Caliban fear would happen if they fail?

Once his books are seized he will have no spirit at his command. It will then be easy for them to kill Prospero. (v) Caliban is afraid lest Prospero should wake up. If he wakes up, Caliban fears, Prospero would fill their bodies with pinches from head to foot and turn them into a strange state.

Why are Caliban Stephano and Trinculo punished?

Ans: Caliban, Stephano and Trinculo are punished for being wicked and plotting murder of Prospero.

What does Prospero ask for at the end of the play?

Prospero promises to grant freedom to his loyal helper-spirit and sends him to fetch the Boatswain and mariners from the wrecked ship. Ariel goes. Prospero releases Alonso and his companions from their spell and speaks with them.

Why did Prospero forgive?

There must be other more obscure reasons why Prospero decides to forgive when he has the power to take revenge. The marriage between Miranda and Ferdinand could be a possible explanation for Prospero’s behaviour. After all, love can dissolve all hatred. Prospero was only pretending to be moved by Ariel.

Why does Prospero ask the audience to applaud at the end of the play?

By begging for the audience to applaud his performance, Prospero hopes to be set free to perform again and not left on the shelf with other unsuccessful productions. This could also be the voice of Shakespeare seeping through Prospero, as this was his last play and he needed the applause to send him into retirement.

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