What is cause and effect matrix?

What is cause and effect matrix?

What is a Cause and Effect Matrix? Cause and effect matrix is a six sigma tool uses to prioritize the key process input variables (KPIVs) based on priorities of customer outputs (KPOVs). In other words it establish the correlation between process input variables to the customer’s outputs during root cause analysis.

How do you create a matrix?

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What is a C&E?

A key process input variable (KPIV) is a process input that provides a significant impact on the output variation of a process or a system or on the key process output variable (KPOV) of a product.

What is full name of AC?

Air conditioning. Alternating current, a type of electrical current in which the current repeatedly changes direction.

What is the full from of AC?

AC is used to refer to an electric current that continually changes direction as it flows. AC is an abbreviation for ‘alternating current’.

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