What do you write in evaluation?

What do you write in evaluation?

Give a basic outline of the organisation. If you want to evaluate a specific project or programme, provide an overview of it including its aims and outcomes. Write the questions you would like the evaluation to answer. Explain the focus and purpose of the work, and who will use the findings.

What is an evaluative response?

1. Evaluative or judgmental responses, which are quite common, end up conveying a judgment about the other person according to some benchmark or standard used by the listener. Learn more in: Traits of Leaders and Active Listening: A Theory.

How do you evaluate in Cobol?

EVALUATE with THRU: EVALUATE THRU works as simple EVALUATE but set of values in WHEN from one value THRU other value. EVALUATE will start validating from the first WHEN, any WHEN satisfies the corresponding statements will be executed and the control transfers to the next executable statement after the END-EVAUATE.

What is perform in Cobol?

Perform Verb in COBOL is used to execute a set of COBOL statements. It is vital in keeping a cobol program structured by making it possible to call different paragraphs or sections from another paragraph or section.

What is the difference between continue and next sentence in Cobol with examples?

NEXT SENTENCE gives control to the verb following the next period. CONTINUE gives control to the next verb after the explicit scope terminator. (This is not one of COBOL II’s finer implementations). It’s safest to use CONTINUE rather than NEXT SENTENCE in COBOL II.

How is sign stored in a Comp 3 field?

The value in a comp-3 field is stored high-order to low-order. Comp-3 packed fields are aligned on byte boundaries, and the field is always a whole number of bytes. The sign nybble is always the low nybble of the LSD (least significant digit).

What is set to true all about?

A Condition Name set to true when one of the condition values mentioned in its VALUE clause is moved into its associated data-item. But you can also set a Condition Name to true using the SET verb.

What is a packed field?

This document will focus on a discussion of a numeric field (or data string) known as “PACKED-DECIMAL” format (also referred to as packed data or a packed numeric field). A packed decimal representation stores decimal digits in each “nibble” of a byte (a byte is eight bits and a nibble is four bits).

Can we redefine Comp 3 Variable?

There is no way to use only redefines and get what you want. . . To get what you want, create a 9(13) field in ws and move EMP-NBR-1 to it. Redefine the 9(13) field with 2 other fields – the first 9(10) and the second 9(3).

How do I move from comp3 to alphanumeric?

You cannot move a COMP-3 variable to alphanumeric directly. It will not give a SOC7 error but will you give you a return code 12 stating that comp-3 and alphanumeric variables did not follow the move compatibility rule.

How many bytes does Comp 3 occupy?

½ byte

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