What are comparison word problems?

What are comparison word problems?

Relationships In Word Problems COMPARISON problems are the type of problems looked at this week, which involve figuring our similarities or differences between sets. Difference Unknown: One type of compare problem involves finding out how many more are in one set than another. For example, James has 6 mice.

How can I make comparison in English?

How to Make Comparisons in English If the adjective (describing word) is one syllable, you can add -er. If the adjective has two syllables, but ends in -y, you can change the end to -ier. With other English adjectives of two syllables and more, you can’t change their endings. When you compare two things, use ‘than’.

How do you teach comparison of adjectives?

Comparatives take the following forms:the adj+er: in most cases, adjectives with 1 or 2 syllables take the “er” form (e.g. fast – faster / heavy – heavier)the more + adj: in most cases, adjectives with 3 or more syllables take the “more ~” form (e.g. expensive – more expensive / beautiful – more beautiful)

How do you introduce superlatives?

Introduce the superlative: T: I am happy when I’m on vacation, but I’m the happiest when travel to a new place. Make sure students understand that the superlative is formed by replacing the “y” with an “i” and adding –est. Students say when they are the happiest, the sorriest, the saddest, etc…

What is the superlative of active?

Examples:ComparativeSuperlativeactivemore active, less activemost active, least activecarelessmore careless. less carelessmost careless. least carelessfamousmore famous. Less famousmost famous. least famouscheerfulmore cheerful, less cheerfulmost cheerful, least cheerful4

What is the superlative degree of high?

The rules to form comparatives and superlatives: One syllable adjective ending in more than one consonant or more than a vowel (or long vowels) — high, cheap, soft. Comparative — ‘er’ is added — higher, cheaper, softer. Superlative — ‘est is added — highest, cheapest , softest.

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