How would you describe the relationship between Waverly and her mother?

How would you describe the relationship between Waverly and her mother?

Waverly (Meimei) has a love/hate type of relationship with her mother, although “love/hate” might be too strong. She loves and admires her mother but is increasingly frustrated with how her mother attempts to control her life and show her off.

What is the art of invisible strength?

Essentially, the art of invisible strength is a way to manipulate others by subtly attaining what one desires while appearing to be passive and submissive. As Waverly begins playing chess, she uses the art of invisible strength to defeat her opponents.

How does Waverly change in rules of the game?

Watching her brothers play chess, Waverly becomes intrigued by the rules of the game. She does not understand these American rules, but she researches them in the library, learning the moves and the powers of each piece, and then easily defeats her brothers. Lindo lets Waverly play and win repeatedly.

How does Mrs Jong teach Waverly rules of behavior how does Waverly translate these rules into strategies for winning at chess?

Mrs Jong teaches her daughter the rules of behavior by her actions. Waverly applies the lessons she learnt at home to win at chess. She realizes her power lies in her ability to bite back her tongue and then hit the opponent when the direction of the wind is favorable.

What does the wind symbolize in rules of the game?

The wind in “The Rules of the Game” symbolizes cunning and strategy. In the beginning of the story, Waverly’s mother teaches her the art of invisible strength. This art is defined as a way to win arguments and gain the respect of people. Strongest wind cannot be seen.”

What happens when Waverly changes her behavior?

What happens when she changes her behavior? Support your answer with examples of actions, behavior, words, thoughts and details. Waverly is determined and she tries very hard even when her mother is hovering over her , yelling that she could do better.

What kind of winning strategy did Waverly learn to follow?

Waverly Jong, the narrator of this section, explains that she was six years old when her mother taught her “the art of invisible strength,” a strategy for winning arguments and gaining respect from others in games.

Why does Waverly run away?

The most direct reason of why Waverly ran away was because she was embarrassed and annoyed at her mother. Waverly did not like her mother boasting about her and her chess prowess. She wanted to be her own person.

What did it mean to an MEI to be raised the Chinese way?

What did it mean to An-mei to be raised “the Chinese way”? It meant being taught to desire nothing, to swallow other people’s misery, and to eat one’s own bitterness.

Why does Waverly see her mother as her opponent?

Waverly then runs to her room and begins plotting her next move to defeat her mother, who has developed into her main opponent. Waverly realizes that she must challenge her mother’s authoritative guardianship, and she begins to formulate a plan to oppose her mother using the “art of invisible strength.”

What did Waverly’s family call her?

Interestingly, in most scenes of the story when Waverly’s mother addresses her, she tends to call her daughter nothing at all and simply speaks to her directly. When you think of how often American parents call their kids by their(The entire section contains 480 words.)

What words does Waverly use to describe her mother?

Waverly describes her mother as being “without a trace of knowing” (p. 91).

Who is Waverly’s final opponent?

Who is Waverly’s final opponent? Waverly imagines her mother as her final opponent. On page 100, she describes her opponent as having “dark slits” for eyes, a description that is similar to the “black slits” she used to describe her mother’s eyes during the confrontation in the market (p. 99).

Who are Waverly’s parents?

The identity of Waverly’s father has finally been revealed — it’s “Charlie,” Wynonna’s ex-boyfriend. To make things more complicated, “Charlie”/Julian was one of the two angels protecting the Garden of Eden. Now that both protectors are gone, does that make Waverly the Garden’s new protector?

Who is Waverly’s imaginary chess opponent?

At the end of the story, who is Waverly’s imaginary chess opponent? Her mother is her imaginary chess opponent.

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