How do you write an outweigh essay?

How do you write an outweigh essay?

Tips for Outweigh Essay Questionsbrainstorm ideas supporting both sides first.this question is asking for your opinion.answer the question – do you think the advantages or the disadvantages are most important? put your answer to the question in the thesis statement in your introduction.

Which average is best to use?

Mean is the most frequently used measure of central tendency and generally considered the best measure of it. However, there are some situations where either median or mode are preferred. Median is the preferred measure of central tendency when: There are a few extreme scores in the distribution of the data.

What are the pros and cons of using the mean as your measure of central tendency?

The mean is the arithmetic average of the scores of a distribution. Mean is the most popular measure of central tendency. Pro: Generally the best measure of central tendency because, it utilizes all the scores. Con: Very sensitive to outliers (extreme scores).

Why mode is not a good average?

Another time when we usually prefer the median over the mean (or mode) is when our data is skewed (i.e., the frequency distribution for our data is skewed). However, the median best retains this position and is not as strongly influenced by the skewed values.

Which measure of central tendency is best and why?

The mean is the most frequently used measure of central tendency because it uses all values in the data set to give you an average. For data from skewed distributions, the median is better than the mean because it isn’t influenced by extremely large values.

What is positively skewed?

In statistics, a positively skewed (or right-skewed) distribution is a type of distribution in which most values are clustered around the left tail of the distribution while the right tail of the distribution is longer.

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