Where did Camille Claudel grow up?

Where did Camille Claudel grow up?

Born in northern France, Claudel moved with her family to Paris around 1881. Early on, she was recognized for both her artistic talent and her physical beauty.

What did Camille Claudel do?

The French sculptor Camille Claudel (1864-1943) was the muse, pupil, and lover of Auguste Rodin, as well as a major artist in her own right. She is perhaps better known for her tempestuous relationship with Rodin than for her moving works of art, many of which can be found at the Musee Rodin in Paris.

Why is Camille Claudel important?

She experimented with combining materials like marble and bronze which led her to gaining financial support from the Countess of Maigret. Claudel’s works utilised concepts from Art Nouveau and Ukiyo-e Japanese prints, resulting in incredibly original art.

What made Camille Claudel famous?

The national Camille Claudel Museum in Nogent-sur-Seine opened in 2017. Claudel was a longtime associate of sculptor Auguste Rodin, and the Musée Rodin in Paris has a room dedicated to her works….

Camille Claudel
Notable work Sakuntala The Waltz The Mature Age
Relatives Paul Claudel (brother)

What does the name Claudel mean?

The surname Claudel is a variation of the Latin name Claudius, a Roman family name derived from “claudus” meaning “lame.” This name was made popular as a result of having been borne by a seventh century saint who was bishop of Besancon. Thus the surname signifies “the son or descendant of Claude.”

Where are Camille Claudel works?

Although the woman herself died in relative obscurity, interest in her art grew organically and there is now a National Museum in France dedicated to Claudel’s life’s work.

Where is Camille Claudel buried?

Camille Claudel

Birth 8 Dec 1864 Fere-en-Tardenois, Departement de l’Aisne, Picardie, France
Burial Cimetière de Montfavet Montfavet, Departement du Vaucluse, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France Show Map
Plot Remains in ossuary
Memorial ID 30117893 · View Source

Why was Camille Claudel institutionalized?

After a miscarriage, a possible abortion, and finally Rodin’s deciding not to separate from the mother of his son, Claudel began to work independently. However, depression and later more drastic forms of mental illness caused her family to have her committed to an asylum for the insane.

Why was Camille Claudel in an asylum?

Considered a genius by contemporaries, Claudel was trying to be an artist during a time when women weren’t considered artists. Her struggle led to her mental decline, ultimately ending up in an asylum. After smashing most of her work to pieces and being admitted, she never created art again.

Who was Rodin’s girlfriend?

Camille Claudel
Camille Claudel was Auguste Rodin’s lover, muse and most gifted pupil. Her sad life belies a formidable talent, writes Fisun Güner. “I showed her where to find gold, but the gold she finds belongs to her.” These are the words of Auguste Rodin, said of his most talented pupil Camille Claudel.

Was Camille Claudel schizophrenic?

When Camille Claudel’s symptoms became really severe she was diagnosed as schizophrenic. In 1905, she started destroying her own pieces of work and was no longer able to produce anything new during all the time (from her father’s death in 1913 to her own death in 1943) she was in hospital.

Why was Camille Claudel in a mental hospital?

She felt that he and his “gang” of artist friends were intentionally alienating her from the art world and even became convinced that he wanted to kill her to steal her work. By 1911, Claudel had completely removed herself from society. In 1913, Camille Claudel was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Val-de-Marne.

Childhood Camille Claudel was born in 1864 in Fère-en-Tardenois, Aisne, France. Her father made a living from mortgage dealings and bank transactions, and her mother came from a long line of wealthy Catholic farmers.

What did Camille Claudel die of?

Camille Claudel died of an unspecified illness on October 19th, 1943, after spending 30 years in the asylum. Her life has inspired two films, an opera, a musical, a play, and several biographies.

What are the major works of Camille Claudel?

Major Works. Camille Claudel’s 1899 sculpture ‘Perseus and the Gorgon’ is largely considered to be one of her most ambitious and personal works. It reveals influences not only from Rodin, but from Donatello and the stories of Greco-Roman mythology.

When was Claudel born?

Claudel was born on December 8, 1864 in Aisne, France. Her father, Louis-Prosper Claudel, worked as a bank transaction and mortgage dealer, while her mother, Louise-Athanaïse Cécile Cerveaux, came from a wealthy family of Catholic farmers and priests.

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