10 Helpful Tips Before You Start Commercial Diving

Commercial diving is an essential yet risky job if not executed correctly. There are a number of tasks that require professional commercial divers, whether it be underwater construction, welding, maintenance, repairs, replacements, retrieval, deep sea exploration, discovery and much more. Ensuring you possess the necessary skills, knowledge and experience is essential to the success of […]

Desktop Vs. Mobile App Design

The mobile app design has become increasingly important over the years as mobile smartphones’ popularity has increased. The considerations that need to be made for mobile app design are different from that of the desktop alternative. As smartphones become more powerful and people start using them even more than they currently do to perform complex […]

Taxing Cryptocurrency: Things to Know

It seems like whichever direction you turn to, people are talking about the Bitcoins, Ripple, Ethereum, and other Cryptocurrencies. So, what is Cryptocurrency? As per Wikipedia’s definition, Cryptocurrencies are the digital assets that can be used to exchange for goods and services. Cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology, hence, they are the most secure way for transactions. […]

How to Extend WiFi Range

What is the range of WiFi The range of a WiFi network is simply the distance that the WiFi is usable within. The range of a network can vary greatly based on many factors. Some networks have many access points that can work in large business buildings, while others only work in a small radius […]

Five ways to furnish your teenager’s room

Teenage is an age when it’s hard to fit in places. The cute stuffed animal room is gone and chandelier days are yet to come. Giving teenage room makeover is overwhelming to parents. With some guidance, teenagers can be the strength of us. So their room should be bold, inspirational, and most importantly, a good […]

Why startup needs the best writer

Introduction People love a good story, and good stories sell as the best brands build their existence around an incredible story, which strengthens them. Most startup focus on hiring technical expertise to get their organization moving and in most cases, overlooks the value of a writer. But, if you want to have a story that […]

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