Dog Training 101: How To Train Your New Puppy

When your puppy makes his or her appearance in your household, it will be an exciting time for everyone. There is no better feeling than interacting with a playful, loving puppy on a daily basis! However, your puppy is going to quickly grow up into a dog who will be by your side for many […]

7 Things to Consider in Sending Grand Opening Gifts

Opening a business is not an easy challenge. It takes thorough planning and careful decision making in order to successfully achieve it. Aside from big capital, a dedicated entrepreneur also needs more hard work and passion, as well as flexibility and perseverance. For someone who is opening a new shop or office today, a sincere […]

Importance Of Facebook Likes For Online Businesses

Facebook is one of the most important social media platforms available for online businesses. In fact, it could be the most crucial for most businesses. With more than 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook represents a fantastic opportunity for businesses to increase awareness and boost their chances of making more sales. However, it doesn’t come […]

Eye Awareness Tips: Protecting Your Eyesight in 2020

According to surveys, more than 12 million Americans over the age of 40 suffer from some sort of vision problem. With the modern technological wave, more and more people of all ages are spending a lot of hours staring at their smartphones, tablets, computers, or TVs. Good vision is essential for performance, at school, at […]

Why did Mayans cut off heads?

Why did Mayans cut off heads? An ancient skull that was used as a gruesome incense holder by a Mayan tribe has been discovered in Mexico. Experts say the poor victim was likely sacrificed to the gods before tribesmen cut their head off and used it to burn sweet-smelling chemicals. What is Mayan Mars? Spanning […]

Can you play Wits and Wagers with less than 5 people?

Can you play Wits and Wagers with less than 5 people? Wits & Wagers is most fun with groups of 6 or more people. We recommend playing at holiday parties, family reunions, or any large gathering of friends. Be prepared for light-hearted banter, a little bravado, and a big dose of cheering! How do you […]

What software does Max Martin use?

What software does Max Martin use? Max has used Pro Tools since his early Cheiron days, exactly how early I don’t know, but definitely his late 90’s work was done with Pro Tools. He still uses it (as we’ve seen with screen captures of sessions), and it’s probably mainly down to sticking with what he […]

What gun uses CO2 cartridges?

What gun uses CO2 cartridges? One of the most popular co2 powered air rifles is the Crosman 1077. In the last year or so Crosman has released it’s new line of Airsource air rifles. These rifles use the new 88 gram CO2 cartridge which will give you up to 400 shots per cartridge before you […]

Are weighted dips better than bench press?

Are weighted dips better than bench press? Bench Press Vs Dips Comparison Both movements target the upper body well. However, the bench press allows us to use more weight and therefore put a larger load on the muscles. It is because of that more useful in building better overall upper body strength. Even 45 pounds […]

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